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Let us introduce you to the biggest student-run IT Festival.


COMPFEST is an annual one-stop IT event run by students of Faculty of Computer Science, University of Indonesia. Every year, COMPFEST thrives to create impacts for the society through three areas, which are Competition, Academy, and Event. COMPFEST Competitions are a national-scale competition that challenge the participants various skills’ involving technology. We also provide a two-way learning platform through Academy to educate future masterminds. COMPFEST offers Seminars that inspires it’s audience through various trending IT topics. Finally, COMPFEST hosts a Main Event that provides an exhibition with gamification concept called Playground and talk shows with coveted guest stars.

For a long time, most people of Indonesia has limited knowledge and awareness about technology even though we are now living in a world where everything is connected. Therefore, this year, COMPFEST focuses on “Igniting Technological Awareness on Facing the Hyperconnected Era”.

COMPFEST hopes that through each event, it could ignite an ever longing awareness of technology that will develop and improve the society during the Hyperconnected Era.

Core Values


COMPFEST, as an event organized by Faculty of Computer Science students, Has some purpose, one of which is to make an impact that can be a factor in the development of the Information Technology field in Indonesia. By bringing this value, COMPFEST is expected to give the positive impact, both directly and indirectly, that will be useful for the wider society.


COMPFEST is the largest IT event held by students at Indonesia. Unlike professional IT events, COMPFEST has several limitations on various aspects. However, these limitations are not an obstacle to achieving the vision of COMPFEST. With collaboration from internal and external parties, COMPFEST is expected to realize it's purpose and make the brand known more widely and provides more benefits for Indonesian society.


Changes are things that must and should happen at anytime and because of it, we have to act dynamically in adjusting our actions with the circumstances. Problems will continue to arise and create a challenge for us to see it as an obstacle or as an opportunity. Therefore innovation is needed. Even though many things have been created, there are still many things that can be maximally developed to provide more benefits for the society. By bringing this value, COMPFEST is expected to bring innovations that will useful for the society and encourage various sectors to continue developing.





Respect is an attitude of mutual respect between the committee COMPFEST. This work culture has a broad range, including appreciating and understanding each other. With this work culture, the committee are expected to feel more motivated to work with COMPFEST.




Open minded in this case is referred as, "Open to all kinds of ideas, opinions, and critics". All COMPFEST committees have the right and freedom to convey ideas, opinions, and criticisms that will be responded, discussed, and executed, without forgetting the value of respecting work culture.
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